Loopwyn Nacklebell

Brave Sir Brave Knight the Gnome


Loopwyn Nacklebell

A small, disproportionate man who has insisted multiple times that he is a knight, Loopwyn Nacklebell has nevertheless been caught in several lies. Naedas, Taga, and Sitani encountered him while fleeing the destruction of the Rehabilitation Camp, and though the tiny warrior proved instrumental to their safe escape, the boys find him and his motives to be quite suspicious. He’s been evasive when asked what he was doing on Nemausus when the camp was destroyed, only willing to say that he was there to protect people.

Loopwyn Nacklebell knows something more about what happened, but whatever it is, he’s keeping it to himself. Sitani was able to make the little knight admit to knowing the winged woman responsible for the Planar Breach, but he adamantly refused to answer questions about her, and became severely agitated with the questions.

He is known to cast healing spells, and he fights effectively with a rapier and shield. He is a wandering priest in the service of Baravar Cloakshadow, who he claims is a god of protection. While exploring Mechanus, Loopwyn drew the holy symbol of his god to channel healing magic, and the symbol was shown to look like a literal cloak and dagger.

Loopwyn appears to know a fair bit about the Harmonium, and about Gulbrand; he seems to dislike both. He also dislikes Dolly, even though he works with (or possibly for) her.


Loopwyn Nacklebell

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