Tim Ocher

Weak-willed wimp and bunkmate in the Rehabilitation Center


Tim Ocher

Tim was a patient in the Harmonium Rehabilitation Camp on Nemausus. He shared a room with Nedarilth, Jeremy, and Samilda; Naedas, Sitani, and Pontus were later transferred into the same room. Prior to this, he was bullied mercilessly by Ned, as his other two cellmates were apparently unwilling to intervene on his behalf. This was put to a stop by Sitani, who took Tim under his protection and tutelage.

Approximately one year later, after a strange outburst from Pontus at morning meal, Tim was taken to be questioned by the guards and told them everything he knew about Pontus’ dust smuggling and plans for escape. This led to Pontus’ segregation, mental collapse, and eventual bludgeoning and death. Nevertheless, Sitani and Naedas took Tim with them when they escaped.

He was briefly abducted by Tso slavers while the group travelled through Axis, but was bought back by a mysterious blue-skinned man in exchange for a simple errand.

While in the camp, Tim claimed he was from Sigil, but no one believed that. He has since admitted to Sitani and Naedas that he is actually from a Prime Material sphere called Faerun. Tim was arrested by a Harmonium patrolman in Sigil after attempting to pick the patrolman’s pocket.

Tim is kind of a weenie.


Tim Ocher

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